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Frequently Asked Questions

When will I hear from my coach?
Most coaches will contact their players sometime between late July and the middle of August.

If I don’t hear from my coach, what should I do?
Using the contact information on you regional website, reach out to your Division Representative or your Program Director.

How do I become a referee? That looks like fun.
Click on the training link above and sign up for the next Regional Referee class.

When can practices start?

The earliest we allow practice is August 1st. Some teams will start later depending on family holidays and the coaches schedule.

How often will my team practice?
Most teams will practice 2 times per week, but this could vary depending on the coach’s schedule. We discourage teams in our Primary (Core) program from practicing more than 3 times per week.

Can we carpool to practices?
Carpooling is encouraged provided the driver is at least 21 and has written permission for all players they transport, however, every year we re-balance our teams so you may not be on the same team as the player you were hoping to carpool with, but you can expect to meet new families during the first few practices.

What equipment does my player need?
You player needs shoes, but we recommend soccer cleats (soccer shoes), shin guards, a soccer ball and a bottle of water for each practice. Most local sporting goods stores offer discount packages of this equipment if purchased at one time. Please note that shin guards should be worn against the skin under and completely covered by the socks.

Can we use baseball cleats?
Probably not, baseball cleats generally have a "toe cleat" which is considered dangerous. We recommend not using baseball cleats.

What does 8U, 10U, 12U, etc mean?
These are the standard international designations for age specific soccer teams and divisions. The “U” stands for “under” and the “8” for 8 years of age. An 8U player is one who has had their 6th birthday, but not yet their 8th as of August 1st of the current year.

When will my team practice?
Most practice schedules are determined by the team coach. Most coaches will obviously schedule their practice to accommodate the most number of players and their families.

Where will my team practice?
Our insurance only covers a limited and approved list of fields. Most coaches will select the field closest to their home unless there is other local guidance.

My daughter wants to get her ears pierced, is this a problem?
Unfortunately, yes. Players may not wear anything that is dangerous to any player including themselves. All jewelry must be removed prior to the start of a game. All players will be checked for jewelry, watches, and barrettes or hard hair fasteners. This includes earrings, even taped. Please have her ears pierced long enough before the start of the season that her earrings can be removed for the entire game. In the event that a medical alert bracelet must be worn, the coach may use athletic tape to secure the bracelet securely against the player’s wrist. The referee has the final word on if a player’s apparel is suitable for play.

Can my child play with a cast, even if it’s padded?
Absolutely not! For multiple safety reasons including protecting your child and the other players. Splints and casts, even if padded, are not permitted. Only soft knee braces may be worn upon inspection and approval of the referee prior to the match or the coach during practice.

Can I display my child’s name on their uniform?
No. AYSO national guidelines do not allow names, patches, or any other markings on the uniform unless authorized by your Region.

If you have any other questions, please contact us.

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